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Ten Ways To Make Your Hospital Stay More Pleasant

Nothing strikes fear more in the hearts of brave men and women
than being admitted to a hospital Kings of Industry, Queens of
Households, shake with nerves What should you expect? Do you
have to wear a hospital gown? Is the food edible? Will strange
people look at parts of me I haven’t looked at in years?
Don’t fear! I hope to quell the nerves of hospital patients to
be The first step is good preparation
If your admission to the hospital is a planned one, you and
your family can take a few simple steps to make your stay a more
comfortable one
1) Remember to bring your medical insurance cards, driver’s
license, living will(if you have one) and any other legal papers
you have such as a copy of your medical power of attorney
2) Type out a list of your current home medications and any
other information you feel will assist the health care team
understand your medical history Call your primary doctors such
as your GP, and let them know you are going to be admitted to
the hospital
3) Pack a suitcase with comfortable clothes You don’t have to
wear a hospital gown as long as the nurses and doctors can
easily get to the parts of your body they need to examine or
work on After you are over the acute stages of your illness or
surgery, the hospital staff will encourage you to get out of bed
and walk It would certainly be a more pleasant experience if
your hind end wasn’t hanging out for everyone to see Bring a
pair of loose, one size too big, sweatpants, or shorts Bring a
button down, loose shirt with short sleeves, or a big, roomy
sweatshirt Forget the frilly, silky nightgown, and the feathery
mules Remember hospitals are not clean places and your nice
nightgown may drag through some type of body fluid
4) Bring a pair of slip-ons with non-slip soles Your feet will
probably swell after surgery, or from being in bed for a while,
and your usual sexy pumps will not fit Bring your comfy bedroom
slippers, as long as the sole isn’t worn smooth as glass
Hospital floors tend to be slippery
5) Reading may be your favorite pastime, but don’t expect to be
able to concentrate enough to read “War and Peace” A good light
magazine, word puzzles, or romance book may do the trick
6) Hospitals smell of all sorts of things Happy patients I
have known in the past have brought a light scented body spray
with them, in a citrus scent For men, a little Old Spice can do
wonders 7) Think of questions for your doctors before you are
admitted Ask them before you have surgery Have your family
bring in a written list for the doctors You may feel like a
pest but the squeaky wheel truly will get the attention
8) If you are admitted to a teaching hospital, be aware the
doctors travel in huge groups to examine you You have the right
as a patient to ask for just your attending physician and the
resident or intern taking care of you to actually examine you
It can be a very scary sight to see twelve young-looking men and
women staring at you from above your bed just as you start to
wake up
9) Ask the nurses for the visiting policy and abide by it Very
young children and infants are really not appropriate for
visiting with sick adults Be mindful of your roommates need to
rest and recover
10) Don’t use your cell phone in a hospital Shut it off The
wave length used for cell phones is often the same wave length
for heart monitors, vital sign monitors, IV pumps, and other
medical equipment If you use a cell phone in the hospital, you
may endanger a patient’s life
You can prepare before your hospital admission to make your
stay a more pleasant one Remember, you are the patient,
therefore, YOU are the STAR


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