?Departments Introduction

Company's technical research and development center by the experts and scholars, PhD, master's graduate students and undergraduate students, the main research areas: fine chemical, chemical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, polymer materials and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, etc., with strong scientific and technological innovation ability. The organization mainly includes: product testing laboratory, product testing laboratory, product analysis and testing room, technical management department and technical data archive room.

Company research and development center adopts the project responsibility system, the general manager is responsible for the r&d center of construction work and research and development innovation, further establish and improve the post responsibility system, establishing incentive mechanism encouraging the competition, the selections of the principle, encouraging to strengthen with the scientific research and social science and technology of various forms of cooperation, create impulsion, cohesion, execution, on the basis of existing gradually strengthen research and development team, creating corporate powerhouse. Formed the market development, new products, new product development, production technology research, engineering equipment amplification, expansion process of engineering design, marketing and r&d services more perfect research and development system; We should strengthen the management of r&d centers, properly use scientific and technological funds, implement special funds for special purposes, independently calculate and guarantee the activities of scientific and technological personnel and the funds needed to purchase instruments and equipment.