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Boron - 10 acid CAS:13813-79-1


 Product introduction 
Boron-10 acid is the core product of honghao chemical industry. The current process of process has been opened, which not only breaks the 95% abundance index, but also produces the high abundance product with the abundance of more than 99.0%. The high and high purity of honghao chemical industry (the abundance is 95 percent, the purity is greater than 99.5%), the quality consistency and quality reproducibility of boron-10 acid products can guarantee the leading level and the international front level.
Hong's son chemical industry now has 3 tons of boron - 10 acid (95% abundance) production line, in order to meet the market demand, expansion has been more 2017 construction, build three production lines, production capacity exceed 12 tons/year (boron - 11 acid 48 tons/year), at the appointed time, hong's son chemical boron isotopic series products of more than 60 tons.

 Quality index 



Excellent grade

Optimal level

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Outside view

White powder crystals or squamous crystal (no visible impurities)

Chemical purityw%


Boron - 10 abundance%






 Note: boron-10 abundance can be manufactured according to the order requirement


 Our advantages 
1. Boron-10 acid has been industrialized
2. Possession of boron isotope separation national patent
3. The products have been sold to open market at home and abroad