New products (new technology) appraisal meeting
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On March 5, 2017, the ministry of industry and information technology commission in liaoyang city, liaoning province held the liaoning hong's son developed chemical industry co., LTD. "boron trifluoride methyl ether complex method of manufacturing boron acid - 10" new products (new technology) assessments. The participants include: 1. Provincial information technology commission, provincial science and technology department, municipal commission of science and technology, municipal science and technology bureau; 2. Relevant experts; 3. Financial system; 4. Business leaders and staff; 5. News unit journalists. The identification committee composed of expert representatives from neutron absorption materials, high discharge geological disposal, radiation technology, nuclear fuel, nuclear chemistry and other fields has been established.
Conference, appraisal committee to listen to the unit of the completion of the project development work summary and technical summary report, review the product inspection report, user opinions and science and technology novelty search report and other related materials, examine the scene of the production, after questioning, discussion, form the appraisal opinions are as follows:
1. The identification of information is complete and standard, which meets the qualification requirements of new products (new technology);
2. Use the techniques, such as company original new encapsulation-dehydration method of solution of boron trifluoride ether complex manufacturing boron - 10 acid production process of the central plains and the intermediate to easy jam, pipeline and tower system and a series of technical problems, simplify the production process, realize the continuous and stable operation equipment, innovative;
3. During the trial production, 95% of boron-10 acid products with a steady production of 95% of the products and 99% of the products of the product are 2 kg, which can meet the application needs of nuclear power and nuclear medical treatment.
4. High abundance ratios products have been applied to the Chinese academy of sciences Shanghai silicate research institute, Chinese academy of science lanzhou chemical physics research institute of suzhou institute of drug research institute, Chinese academy of medical sciences and other units of the scientific research project, the use effect is good;
5. Reasonable production process, complete production equipment, complete testing means and quality assurance system, capable of mass production.
It is recommended to strengthen cooperation with related research institutes and production enterprises and increase market development.
To sum up, the technology and product quality have reached the leading level in China, which has great promotion application value in China's nuclear and nuclear medical fields, and has agreed to pass the appraisal.