Academician zhou yongmao visited
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On June 1, mayor wang zhengpu met with zhou yongmao, a member of the Chinese academy of engineering.
King on behalf of the municipal party committee, municipal government welcomed the arrival of Zhou Yongmao academicians, and introduces the basic situation of liaoyang to the guest, he said, Zhou Yongmao academician is an expert in nuclear reactor engineering, in this time of liaoyang and liaoning hong's son chemical industry co., LTD. Is the using of nuclear medicine academic exchanges and cooperation, create good opportunities for in-depth cooperation with liaoyang enterprises, hope Zhou Yongmao academician on the basis of the successful cooperation, expand more broad space for cooperation and more extensive cooperation. At the same time, the municipal government will actively support academician zhou yongmao to construct the boron-10 isotope development and utilization project in our city, and do our best to serve the service.
Zhou Yongmao said, liaoyang has a long history, convenient transportation, rich resources, especially the rapid development of private enterprises, lay the solid foundation for bilateral cooperation, liaoning hong's son in the production of boron chemical industry co., LTD., research and development in the leading position, this is very important to nuclear medicine application, hope is sincere cooperation, achieve a win-win situation, common make a contribution to improve the level of the people's health.
Vice mayor lu youhong attended the meeting.