Liaoning honghao chemical boron-10 series products fill the domestic gap
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On October 22, the reporter learns from liaoyang high-tech zone, after more than six years to research, liaoning hong's son chemical industry co., LTD successful research and development production of boron - 10 series products, filled the domestic blank, identified by the relevant departments of the state, reached the advanced world level, broke the foreign monopoly in the product research and development and production.

The boron element has abundant reserves in nature, but it is a worldwide problem to successfully isolate the isotope boron 10 from the boron element. Bor-10 has a strong absorptive capacity of neutrons and is the preferred material for shielding nuclear radiation. It has an irreplaceable role in the defense industry, medicine and other fields. Currently, only a few countries, such as the United States, Russia and Japan, have industrialized production.

Since the early 1970 s, our country started the separation of boron - 10 research and development work, but subject to the limit of the process route, equipment, etc, have not been able to form the industrial production, abundance value of the test sample is far below the customer's requirements. Since 2010, liaoning honghao chemical industry co., LTD. Has been aiming at this world frontier project, which has paid nearly 200 million yuan to invest in the r&d of boron-10 products.

Six years, liaoning hong's son chemical industry co., LTD., on the basis of the original to form a subject research team, rely on independent research and development, overcome many difficulties, finally in October this year in the mature process, the successful trial production of boron - 10 acid, become the domestic only capable of producing abundance boron - 10 acid of more than 95% of enterprises, has filled the domestic blank, get rid of the dependence on imports.

At the same time, liaoning hong's son chemical industry co., LTD. Takes the organization of science and technology personnel, separation of boron isotopes, adopting the new method overcomes the traditional separation process cycle is long, large energy consumption and high cost of shortcomings, greatly shorten the production cycle, improve the separation efficiency, the process maturity, high abundance of products, less impurities, wide prospect of market.

Next year, according to the liaoning hong's son chemical industry co., LTD., will be officially production boron - 10 series products, completely break the foreign technical barriers of our country, to promote the comprehensive revitalization of liaoning old industrial bases, contribute to the civil nuclear industry development of our country.