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  • Difficult to sintered ceramic - boron carbide

    Difficult to sintered ceramic - boron carbide


    Boron carbide (B4C) has a strong b-b and b-c covalent bond, which is one of the most difficult ceramics to sintering. But since it has low density (right to 2.52 m - 3), high melting point (2450 oc), high hardness (Hv microhardness value about 30 GPa, second only to diamond and cubic boron nitride),......

  • Boron - 11 USES

    Boron - 11 USES


    11 b almost do not absorb neutrons, but it can be used as the additive in steel, the steel used in the manufacture of the reactor, can make the high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance of the reactor are greatly increased, but not destroy the reaction zone, neutrons physical condition. With......

  • Boron carbide application

    Boron carbide application


    Boron carbide is a solid solid that is harder than silicon carbide or tungsten carbide, and the alloy material made of aluminum is called synthetic diamond, which was used as a coarse abrasive material long ago. Although its own melting point is high, it is not easy to cast artificial products, but ......