?development history

Technology import

Honghao chemical industry in 2010, the introduction of the methyl ether complex method technology, launched the "annual output of 1000 kg - 10 isotope boron products project", in the technology provider (party b) in June 2011 under the guidance of the planning and completed production line construction, begin the test run in July 2011, during the trial, party b has failed to get through the technological process, have not been able to manufacture high quality products, and consumption, environmental burden is heavy, have to in November 2012 was forced to stop production, party b to suspend the cooperation and evacuation.

Technical reform

Faced with the stagnant situation of boron-10 acid production line, the company made adjustment. After the establishment of the new leadership team, the prospect of boron-10 acid was foreseen and the development team was formed, and the boron-10 acid technical reform plan was launched.

After technical renovation plans to launch, the company according to the three division system has formed a team to boron - 10 acid process and production line for the comprehensive diagnosis, teasing out the research project, with abundance, purity, yield, efficiency and environmental protection as the goal, research and deploy the research plan, take the test in the mass production, the way of combining a comprehensive technical research, solving the bottleneck problems of the original technology and equipment, not only through the technological process, breaking the abundance barrier (95%), and significantly increased the yield of product, and eliminated the pollution of the environment in the process (the production process to eliminate the phosphorus, halogen waste acid, clean technology, for massive production scheduling can solve the problem of environmental protection).