?Leadership speech
Dear friends:

Thank you for your attention and support to honghao chemical industry!
Liaoning honghao chemical industry co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as honghong) is a subsidiary of liaoyang hongfei electric appliance manufacturing (group) co., LTD. (hongfei group). Hongfei group is a technology enterprise mainly engaged in processing and manufacturing power transmission and distribution equipment. We are committed to the innovation of products and technology in the field of electric new technologies, new devices and new chemical materials, and provide first-class products and services to the society and customers.
Since its establishment in 2010, honghao chemical co., LTD. Has been developing the main line of the company with boron-10 isotope development, based on scientific and technological innovation, with the national patent of boron-10 isotope separation technology. It has been difficult to solve the problem and achieved the large-scale production and sales of boron-10 isotope, and vigorously developed its downstream products. In the development of chemical industry, hong's son chemical adhere to industry trends for the wizard, in fine chemical, chemical new materials constantly efforts in such aspects as increasing investment, has developed to produce the boron isotope - 10 series, series products of isocyanate silane, glycine methyl tert-butyl ester products and anthranilic acid products, etc.
Hong's son chemical adhere to the "to create the future of science and technology, innovation for development" strategic thinking, adhere to the introduction of digestion, absorption and combination of technology innovation, has a high-quality talent of innovation team. "Create Shared and harmonious development with the condensate formation"; Common prosperity and common development; Return society, employees return "of the enterprise values, adhering to the" heavy contract, keep promise, customer first, service the whole process, to make the customer satisfied "the marketing idea, in the spirit of pragmatic, manufacturing high-quality goods, you need to sincere cooperation, win the trust of you have given, in the spirit of the pursuit of excellence, create the first-class enterprise, to realize our commitment to you.
Honghao chemical industry will become your most trusted friend, let us join hands together, create brilliant!

Hongfei group chairman Zhou Honggang liaoyang city people's congress, liaoyang city, liaoyang city, vice President of federation of industry and financial committee of National People's Congress, "national model worker", "national excellent builder," "model worker" in liaoning province "May 1 labor medal of liaoning province" and other honors. ????